Why we built it

Improving Access To Knowledge & Education

Knoow.it was built with a dream to harness the power of social networks and daily learning experiences to improve access to “Knowledge & Education” in people’s everyday lives in a social, mobile, simple and beautiful way. Knoow.it seeks t to contribute in the everlasting goal of democratizing knowledge & education, by you, for you and on demand. Knoow.it is and always will be free and is continuously striving to enhance your learning experiences. Join us to make it great.

Be part of something bigger than yourself

Never in the history of humankind have we been more true to our nature of being socially connected beings. We can now connect humanity’s common knowledge in a social way by moving it onto networks. This enables you to tap into the learning experiences of others, thus adding value not only to yourself, but to the entire network too. 

Local Start, Global Impact

At the core of Knoow.it is the belief that together we can make the world a better place by using it as a tool of empowerment to understand the complex world we live in, to acquire and develop skills in the knowledge economy, and to facilitate the communication and access of knowledge around the world.

Everyone knows something and everyone is born curious to know more, whether it’s to know more about how the universe works or what diet is best for you, knowledge is everywhere, it is part of the fabric of our society and we all want a share of it, cultivate it, and absorb it.  In the workplace, knowledge gives you the edge. In the classroom, it gives you the grades and a fulfilling learning experience. In life, it gives you the answers to questions you've been seeking all your life.

Let’s turn this dream into a reality.

In the age of the knowledge economy, opportunity today is prosperity tomorrow.

We’d love to hear from you. If you are interested in participating or creating a strategic partnership, contact us hope@knoow.it

Made with a Love For Knowledge.

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