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Are you ready to tackle some of the challenges facing our society today? Be part of a great start-up with an amazing dream to amaze and improve the lives of others. Let the story be told of a generation that dedicated themselves to create a truly empowering contribution to the world. We are striving to create the world’s largest knowledge community. Come and join us to change the face of education and improve access to knowledge in people’s everyday lives in a social, mobile, simple and beautiful way. Together let's contribute in helping democratize knowledge & education, by moving it onto networks.

We are working really hard to revolutionise and improve access to Knowledge & Education. We strive to continue to improve a great product by, of and for people from all walks of life, age, and backgrounds, where all their knowledge needs are accessible in a simple way.

Our values

Changing the status quo is an immense challenge, so let’s start one small step at a time. Knowing that opportunity today is prosperity tomorrow, together let’s improve the way knowledge & education is shared, curated and discovered in people’s everyday lives.

Come and join us to create change and hopefully in the process leave a legacy to future generations. Learn more about

Be the change you want to see. Join a top class team.

We are recruiting

Software Engineer (x2)

Software Engineer Intern

Designer (UI & UE)

Android & iOS Developer

Community Manager

Communications & Public Policy Officer

Knowledge Campus Founders

Knowledge Intern

Marketing Intern

These are some exciting opportunities for those who want to be part of a start-up that aims to create a meaningful change in people’s daily lives. To apply get in touch with (Introduce yourself, be creative, one minute video is welcome and tell us why you want to work for, and how can further enhance access to knowledge and education to everyone.)

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