What is Knoow.it?

A Social Knowledge Network

Knoow.it is a “real-time social knowledge network”, filled with “Knoowits” (knowledge posts) that connects you to the world's knowledge. Knoowits can be text, images, links, documents (word docs, ppts, pdfs, spreadsheets), audio, videos and more. It was built with a dream to improve access to knowledge & education in people's everyday lives. See why we built it.

It enables you to Share “what you know now” with others, Curate your public/private “Knowledge Collections” by organising them in one easy place, and Discover more & stay up-to-date with the “knowledge stuff you love”, by following knowledge profiles (of family, friends, brands, institutions, experts, topics, public figures, etc.) that interest you and receive their knowledge content in your stream.

Make Knoow.it Yours

Personalise, share and showcase your knowledge profile, let others tap into your Knowledge voice & content. In the process help make the world a better place

Find and Follow all the knowledge stuff you love.

You don’t necessarily have to showcase your knowledge to get value from Knoow.it. To get started simply search, find and follow knowledge profiles to tap into their knowledge on your Stream. Click Re-Know to keep your most valued and favourite Knoowits into your Collections (see how Collections help you organize your knowledge). Discover knowledge content (typically organized in Collections & categories), and hopefully get inspired to create your own and share what you know now. 

There’s more in the box

Our apps are continuously growing and being improved to give you a better experience. Find out more about Knoow.it's sharing box, my notes, knowledge explorer, Facebook app, courses, Re-Know Collections and more. For more information check out the Features page.

Find out more about Why we built Knoow.it and our social mission.

Made with a Love for Knowledge.

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